Krewe of Smiles

A Note About Our Founder



Dr. Pamela Shaw founded this wonderful practice in 1993 and served thousands of children during her career. She was quite affectionately known as “The Penguin Dentist,” due to the office’s black and white design at the time with a penguin theme. Upon retirement, she had collected many penguin figurines, pictures, and stuffed animals that patients brought her over the years! Dr. Shaw was a dental school graduate of Georgetown University and completed her postdoctoral training at LSU School of Dentistry.

Dr. Shaw was a faculty member at LSU School of Dentistry and mentored numerous pediatric dentists who were students of the local residency program. She also served as the dental director at Children’s Hospital for many years. Her contribution at both LSU and Children’s Hospital will continue to be appreciated and valued.

Sadly, Dr. Pamela Shaw passed away on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. We will always work hard to continue her legacy. Her genuine nature and thoughtful approach to patient care made her a true gem in our Old Metairie community. Serving children in dentistry was her true passion in life and that role meant the world to her.

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