Evaluation of Orthodontic Needs

It is very important to evaluate the growth and development of the mouth throughout childhood. Did you know that a malocclusion (or bite issue) can be determined as soon as teeth start to erupt?

Dr. Massey will check your child’s “bite” and record values that will be measured and compared over time at every visit. This helps troubleshoot any issues as they occur, and we refer patients to an orthodontist right away if intervention is needed. This is one of the major benefits of a pediatric dental office - Dr. Massey has had extra training that helps her spot these issues early on.

Thumb Sucking and Other Habits

Thumb sucking, tongue thrust, pacifier, and other habits may change the development of a child’s mouth or “bite.” This can be a real challenge for some families!

Often, children want to stop a habit but need advanced tools or tips to help as reminders. Dr. Massey will create a plan specifically for your child so that we can help correct a habit using an encouraging, positive approach.

Space Maintainers

Primary teeth, or “baby teeth,” help guide the placement of permanent teeth that will come in later. Sometimes early tooth loss occurs, whether related to decay, trauma, or a naturally missing baby tooth. It may be necessary to “save” a space for the permanent tooth below.

Dr. Massey may recommend a space maintainer, which is like an orthodontic retainer that helps hold tooth space when needed. There are many types of space maintainers depending on which tooth has been lost, and parents are often pleasantly surprised to learn that sometimes we do not need a replacement for a tooth.

Call Us Today for an Orthodontic Evaluation in Metairie

If your child has a thumb-sucking habit, needs an orthodontic evaluation, or is missing a tooth that may need a replacement, call our office for an examination, and Dr. Massey will help get your child on the right track.

Our goal at Krewe of Smiles can help your child develop a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come!