Silver Diamine Fluoride

We are proud to introduce a new cavity treatment that Dr. Massey may recommend for your child, depending on the cavity size, location, and your child’s age and cooperation level. This treatment was FDA-approved in 2014 but has been used in other countries for more than 50 years.

What Is It?

Silver diamine fluoride is an antimicrobial liquid that helps treat cavities in a painless, fast, and non-invasive manner. Not every patient will qualify for this treatment, but in certain situations, we can prevent cavities from growing and potentially avoid more difficult dental treatments.

The liquid is applied over the teeth and evaporates, without leaving any coating on the teeth as a sealant or dental filling would do. The liquid hardens and remineralizes the area of decay, also helping to eliminate any sensitivity on the tooth!

The liquid is safe but it does have a metallic flavor. While there are many pros to this treatment, one con is that the liquid causes the area of decay to become a darker color. The dark color indicates remineralized tooth structure, which is a good thing, but the dark color may be difficult for every family to embrace.

Often, we can use this liquid in a part of the mouth where the dark color is not visible. Silver diamine fluoride in Metairie is a great option for those harder-to-reach areas. For patients who may be struggling with cooperation during a longer, more difficult dental procedure, this provides an alternative to traditional dental restorations.

Another option for eliminating the discoloration is to place a filling restoration on top of the dark color where the cavity was originally present.

Who May Benefit From This Treatment?

  • Very young children
  • Special needs patients
  • Children who have trouble sitting still for dental treatment
  • Children who need to “buy some time” for a tooth that will be coming out soon, but has a cavity that we don’t want to get bigger

Call Our Office Today to Learn More About Silver Diamine Fluoride in Metairie

Dr. Massey embraces conservative treatment options, including silver diamine fluoride. This easy treatment of cavities may be a great alternative option for your child, so please call for an appointment if you would like to learn more details and see if this is an option for your child.