Dental Examinations and Cleanings

At Krewe of Smiles, we welcome parents into the treatment room for dental exams and cleanings – we want parents to be involved with their child’s dental care!

Dental Exams

We have a fun, interactive approach to our regular dental checkups in Metairie. Your child will be able to wear sunglasses for the bright dental light. Kids can pick out a character toothbrush, fun flavors of toothpaste, and a special prize.

We truly tailor our approach to each individual child. Anxious children may be able to have the exam done in a knee-to-knee position where a parent can help hold and comfort them!

Children need regular, frequent education to encourage excellent home care, so Dr. Massey sees patients every six months for dental evaluations. These evaluations are SO very important for prevention. Preventive visits can keep small dental issues from becoming larger and more difficult to correct. We would much rather treat a dental issue when it is less involved, less expensive, and easier for your son or daughter to manage.

An example of this might be “white spots” that develop under areas where plaque has remained too long, and the underlying enamel has been weakened and damaged. If we can identify these spots early, our team members will show the patient how to better clean these areas. We may place the child on an at-home prescription fluoride regimen to help prevent these white spots from growing into cavities.

Another preventive treatment that is newer and provides a huge help to our patients is silver diamine fluoride, which you may read more about in a different section of our “services.”

Dental Radiographs (X-Rays)

Without x-rays, certain important dental conditions can be missed!

Our office follows the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable) when it comes to radiation exposure. Our families are often surprised that the actual dose of radiation from a digital dental x-ray is incredibly low. Our advanced x-ray technology provides stunning clarity and a way for us to see “between the teeth” so that we can evaluate areas that we cannot see with our eyes. Our panoramic x-ray machine helps us check on teeth positioning, which allows us to intercept any issues that may occur during the mouth's growth and development.

Dental Cleanings

Our dental hygienists provide professional dental cleanings for children that remove plaque, calculus build-up, and bacteria from hard-to-reach areas. Our krewe will also apply fluoride varnish, an important mineral for strengthening tooth enamel.

At Krewe of Smiles, each team member is trained to work with small children, anxious children, and children with special needs. We approach the visit in a kid-friendly way, using terms that children can understand, and finish the visit with a reward!

Our krewe will also teach patients the importance of flossing, brushing, and providing at-home dental care tips.

Call Us to Schedule an Appointment

Joining Krewe of Smiles will help provide your child with a great foundation for dental care for years to come. We serve children as young as age one until graduation or later. Call our Metairie, LA dental office today at (504) 838-8200 to schedule an appointment so that your little one can have a really great experience at a dental office made JUST for kids!