Infant & Toddler Dental Visits

When does your child need to start seeing a dentist?

Dr. Massey wants to see patients by their first birthday! This is based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association. After that, visits should occur every 6 months.

First Dental Visit: What to Expect

  • First visit by age one
  • Visual screening of the mouth
  • Instructions on how to care for teeth
  • Protective fluoride coating
  • A special, age-appropriate gift for your little one
  • Establish a “dental home”

Cooperation should not be a deterrent for attending dental visits at our dental office. Dr. Massey and many of our staff members are mothers, and we approach children’s behavior in a non-judgmental, understanding way! We are here to support you and your child through dental visits so that each visit becomes easier than the next.

Children can “warm-up” to us when the visits start early, just as a child may do better from starting swim lessons at an early age, for example. Your child may be able to have the exam done in a knee-to-knee position where a parent may hold and comfort the child in the lap while Dr. Massey completes her evaluation.

Protect Your Little One From the Problems Caused by Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common chronic infectious disease of childhood.

One of the best ways to prevent decay is to have routine dental checkups, starting at an early age. We will have a thorough discussion about diet and the role it can play in decay development. We will also give advice and tips for children with thumb-sucking habits or pacifier use. In addition, establishing a “dental home” with us means you will have a dental office to consult if your child has a dental emergency or injury. We will review some teething tips at that first visit also.

Parents often have the question, “Well aren’t they just baby teeth that are going to fall out?”

While it is true that your son or daughter will eventually lose their baby teeth, without them, a child will have difficulty chewing food and sometimes speaking clearly. Baby teeth serve as markers for the permanent teeth so that they may guide into proper positioning.

Losing a baby tooth early means teeth may move or tilt, so we want to do our best to keep every baby tooth healthy. There is a tremendous benefit to having healthy teeth, including helping to develop a positive self-image during childhood.

Call Us Today For An Infant or Toddler Exam

At Krewe of Smiles, we adore our littlest of patients!

We welcome children as young as age one for dental visits. First-time parents often have questions about how much toothpaste to use, what kind of toothpaste to use, or when to start flossing, for example. Dr. Massey, your trusted Metairie children's dentist will help your infant or toddler feel comfortable and you will leave feeling that you have a great understanding of how to care for your child’s teeth.