Aesthetic Restorations

While our goal is always prevention of decay, occasionally cavities do occur. Dr. Massey will talk with you about the various options for dental treatment so that you will feel well-informed about what is happening with your child’s mouth and great about the plan for treatment.

White Fillings

Many years ago, the only option for a tooth filling was a silver material called amalgam. Now we have composite restorations, which provide a white filling material that is less visible. These dental fillings are mercury-free and more aesthetic. We also use this white filling material to repair chipped front teeth, which provides a beautiful result!

White Crowns

Occasionally, a cavity will occur that cannot be repaired with a traditional filling due to the large cavity size. When a large cavity presents, a full tooth coverage restoration may be best.

While silver crowns work great and are a wonderful option for most patients, many of our families prefer our Zirconia white crowns. These crowns provide a more esthetically pleasing option and are made of a strong material called Zirconia, making it difficult to even tell that a crown is present on a baby tooth.

Ask Dr. Massey at your visit if you want to learn more about white crowns!

Treatment of White Spots on Teeth

White spots on teeth can happen for many reasons, including tooth injury, decalcified areas from plaque harming a tooth surface, or naturally occurring hypomineralized white spots. We often refer to these spots as “tooth freckles!”

We now have a new treatment option for these spots, which is resin infiltration. Imagine being able to microscopically “fill in” little pathways inside the tooth with a filling material that masks the spot, without grinding down the tooth surface like a veneer would – we love the results of this white spot treatment! This procedure does not require numbing anesthetic or drilling and can typically be completed in one visit.

Call Our Office Today to Learn About White Fillings and Crowns

Dr. Massey, a pediatric dentist in Metairie, LA, offers many treatment options, including esthetic treatment options for baby teeth and white spot correction. Dr. Massey can discuss the various treatments to see if a white filling or white crown is the right choice for your child’s mouth.